About Us

Precision Economics has a long history of writing economic reports and testifying around the world. Formed by experienced economists in 2001, the focus at Precision Economics has been on transfer pricing, valuation, commercial damages, intellectual property, international trade, and antitrust matters. Our economists have testified in a variety of venues; including U.S. Tax Court, the Federal Court of Australia, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and the Tax Court of Canada.

Our economists have served as experts for plaintiffs, defendants, investors, and multinational companies in more than 500 matters. In addition, the Governments of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States have engaged Precision Economics on more than 50 occassions. Some of these assignments have included the valuations of brand names, patents and technology, trade secrets, privately held companies, interest rates on derivative debt, discounts for factoring receivables, executive compensation, solvency, film rights for books and performance rights, flotation costs, and foreclosure losses.

While establishing its own history from the beginning of the 21st Century, Precision Economics is surrounded by the history of prior centuries. We are headquarted at the site of Washington, DC’s Seven Buildings pictured above in the 20th Century (1920), when it housed a corner drugstore, and later the Mexican Embassy. In the 19th Century, the Seven Buildings housed the French Embassy, the British Embassy, one Vice President, and two Presidents. Built in the late 18th Century, two of the front facades still remain, next to our building.